Day 3 – The 10 Day Blog Challenge – Jacqueline Matthews

This post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3.
My perfect day.

What a wonderful topic to contemplate and muse about how far down the process you are in realising this and achieving your freedom life-style.

My perfect starts leisurely. I have an uninterrupted sleep (with no little visitor) and wake up feeling fully refreshed and alert. I awake naturally without the need for an alarm clock, and the first thing I do is make a cup of tea – best start to the day. I take the cup of tea back to bed and spend some time reading the Bible. I consider what I have read and how that impacts on my life, how I can change for the better. I pray for family, friends and situations around the world that I am aware of. I then get showered, get ready for the day and join my husband and son for breakfast. In an ideal world, we’d have breakfast outside on the verandah overlooking a gorgeous view of the ocean.
After kissing my husband goodbye and wishing him a good day as he sets off for work, my son and I head off to school.  My son rides his scooter and I walk by his side, chatting and laughing on the way; we bump some of his friends en route. After that, I head to the gym and make it in good time for a kettle bells or body pump class, joined by a good friend and we have chance for a quick catch up. I head back home finish my lesson prep and await the arrival of one of my language students. It’s a good lesson and we make good progress.
I make my favourite lunch of chicken salad with walnuts, teach another lesson and then head out to meet a friend I haven’t seen in ages. This friend also has plans to set up her own business so we bounce ideas off each other and I come away enthused and with a lot to contemplate.
I pick my son up from school and he had had a great day so chats enthusiastically about it. He is keen to do his homework as soon as we get home, after which we have a game of tennis on the Wii – he beats me! My husband arrives home early; he’s had a great day. It is warm outside so we play outdoor games with my son – football, cricket and petanque. Because the weather is so usually warm, we organise a BBQ, which my step-sons also attend; everyone gets on well. The kids play nicely together and my husband and I also have time to contemplate life over a glass of wine. The day ends nicely with my son saying he is tired and would like to go to bed. After another hour or my husband and I also hit the sack, tired but content after a wonderful day.
Thank you for reading my blog. I guess I am not too far off where I would like to be, if only my husband did not have to work such long hours …
#10DBC #freedomplan

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