Day 5 – The 10 Day Blog Challenge

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5 – ‘Setting yourself up for success’.
I loved Natalie’s explanation of the Pomodoro technique. I have noticed how I do work so much better when I have a fixed deadline in which to achieve my goal. Working in 25 minutes bursts, as when using the Pomodoro technique will be much more effective for me than when I plan to spend a full three or four hours on a project. The more time I have, the more time I seem to waste. In addition, I often do only have small snippets of time, between the school run, the gym and language lessons in which to do my prep work and plan for the future, so knowing how to use them more efficiently is a real bonus for me.
I am going to imagine the scenario when I have two hours between a gym class and a lesson in which to achieve my goal for the day and I will break that down into four 25 minute sessions. To maximise the time that I have, I am going to:
  • Work in my office at home where there are no distractions such as the TV.
  • I am going to ensure that during the 25 minute sessions that I do not look at FB or other social media.
  • I will put the timer on so that I know to have a stretch (or make a cup of tea) after 25 minutes (and not before).
  • Work to achieve my target only during ‘work time’ and keep family time for family time.
What I plan to work on during these work bursts are:
  • Planning lessons.
  • Updating my language tutor FB page and now also my blog in WordPress (which are linked).
  • Contacting students to confirm lessons times etc.
  • Work on lessons for future Podcasts that I have yet to start.
Thank you, Natalie, for helping me to get my thoughts more focused to allow me to plan a more effective day where I can reach my daily goal at the same time as working towards my end goal.
#10DBC #freedomplan

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