Cultural events

Interested in hosting a Japanese cultural event at your school, youth club, boys’ brigade meeting or holiday club?

I offer a fun, interactive and informative experience of Japan for your young people in local institutions and organisations.

Dressed in an authentic kimono, I begin with a Power Point Presentation explaining about life in Japan, I engage the young people in a question and answer session to discover what they know or would like to know about Japan. You would be surprised what they already know of the land of kimonos, sumo wrestling, samurai and the inventors of Pokemon Go! I show them photographs and explain aspects of the food, culture and customs in an exciting and dynamic way, giving real examples from my own experience of living in Japan.

Following this, using photographs and actions that I have designed myself, I teach the young people how to count from one to ten in Japanese. You will be amazed to hear that within ten minutes they are able to do so without intervention!

I then split the young people into small groups and provide with an opportunity for them to learn how to handle chopsticks, how to do origami and how to write calligraphy. (They can take what they create home with them.) They are able to sample some Japanese food and handle the traditional Japanese articles on the display table. There are also other Japanese games and activities they can experience during the session, but I do not want to give away too much here!

Please contact me at the following email address for further details: